Thought Leadership

Climate Related Risk Disclosure: Investor perspective (April 2016)

Physical Impacts of Climate Change: Planning for new normals (December 2015)

Network Futures: Network strategy in a changing electricity market (August 2013)

Carbon Compliance: Key issues for companies (July 2012)

Facilitating the Adoption of Biomass Co-firing for Power Generation: Report for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australia  (August 2011)

Future Vision: Expected impacts of climate change on intensive horticulture (July 2009)

Markets in Regulatory Risk: Implications for carbon markets (July 2006)

Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6): Collaboration the key to success (May 2006)

CDM: The Classic Market Bubble? (May 2006)




Presentation to Australian Hydroponics and Greenhouse Conference – Future vision – expected impacts of climate change on intensive horticulture (July 2009)

Presentation to Legalwise Climate Change Law Seminar – Design and Operation of the Proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (June 2009)

Presentation to Carbon Finance Conference – Analysis of Historical and Forecast Australian GHG Emissions (October 2007)

Presentation to AWATEA Conference (Wellington) – Accelerating the Commercial Deployment of Marine Energy - Challenges and Opportunities (March 07)

Presentation to Allens Arthur Robinson Seminar (Brisbane) – Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Impacts on the Development of New Projects (March 2007)

Presentation to Baker & McKenzie Seminar (Sydney) – The EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Supply/Demand/Price and Significance for Australian Businesses (July 2006)

Presentation to AIGN (Melbourne) – Introducing Climate Change Policy and its Impact on Energy Businesses: An International Perspective (April 2006)