Srian Abeysuriya

Srian is a Director of E3 and brings together a unique combination of industry expertise, communication skills and client empathy. He has been deeply involved in industry responses to Australian climate change policy, and has led a wide range of projects in the climate change domain for major Australian companies, including assessing greenhouse policy options and their impacts on the energy and energy intensive manufacturing sector, commercialising new technologies, developing strategy responses and supporting their implementation.

His pre E3 experience includes 14 years in the New Zealand and Australian electricity industries where he held senior corporate positions in strategic development, market management and energy retailing in both countries, and consulted to leading energy sector companies on strategy development and execution, business process analysis and change management. In the late 1990s he was jointly responsible for providing thought leadership to and catalysing the establishment of the Australian Green Electricity Market - GEM, the world's first industry governed green e-marketplace for renewable energy to support the needs of participants in the competitive green electricity market.

Srian has led a number of E3 projects which have addressed a range of international climate change policy issues, global energy and emissions trends and the policy approaches that have been used to promote the deployment of new technologies.

He has a BSc from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and a MBA from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Jude Brissett

Jude manages E3’s administrative affairs, providing support to the professional team and liasing with our clients in regard to administrative matters. Jude has over 20 years experience in this role including involvement in the transport, automotive and banking industries.

Stuart Dix

Stuart has over twenty years experience in the Sustainability and Climate Change fields.

His broad background in environmental management and environmental technology is complemented by a specialist focus on technologies to meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction imperatives. In this context he has worked with a number of Australia's leading companies on assessing climate change policy impacts and greenhouse abatement initiatives. His role is both technical and strategic in nature.

Stuart has deep involvement in E3's work relating to technology assessments, the financial appraisal of environmentally focused projects and the creation of tradable instruments arising from such projects. In a more strategic consulting context Stuart undertakes projects providing corporate sustainability advice associated with specific business initiatives and assists in the development of strategic environmental policy.

Stuart has a multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Applied Science degree in health and environment through the Queensland University of Technology and a Masters in Commerce (Applied Finance) though University of Queensland.


Gerard McEvilly

Gerard is an associate of E3 and an experienced agribusiness program manager. He has extensive knowledge of rural industry in Australia (particularly horticulture), and specialises in supply chain and sustainability issues. He has strengths in integrating knowledge and expertise from different fields to reveal fresh insights.

Gerard draws on outstanding networks in all aspects of rural R&D built over 20 years. These include commercial, non-profit and government sectors, and he regularly publishes in industry journals. He is also skilled at building understanding and collaboration between the diverging perspectives commonly found in the rural and R&D sectors.

Gerard managed strategic planning and programs for horticultural industries with Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) for over a decade. He also held senior management positions, leading major whole-of-industry programs in sustainable development, including the ‘Horticulture for Tomorrow' Environmental Assurance program and the Horticulture Water Initiative.

Gerard completed an analysis of energy and emissions issues in agriculture as part of a Masters of Technology Management unit in Environmental Management. He also holds a BSc (Hons) II(i) in Agricultural Science from the University of Nottingham, UK, majoring in Horticulture and Environmental Physics.

Narelle Jenkins

Narelle is an associate of E3 and brings an eight year track record in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions fields including roles as a sustainable energy engineer and wind energy engineer with two international engineering consultancy firms.

Narelle excels in the analysis of data required for emissions and abatement assessments, and in the development of systems to efficiently manage energy and emissions data. This places her in a strong position to support companies as they grapple with the operational challenges introduced by greenhouse and energy reporting regulations, and the need for cost-effective energy and emissions reduction strategies. She is an accredited Green Star Professional, and can advise on sustainability programs and options.

She has a passion for sustainability and designed her own home, which is self-sufficient in water supply and sewerage disposal and uses one-third of the energy of an average house.

Narelle has a Bachelor of Engineering Studies from Monash University, Victoria.


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