About E3 International

Responding to the emerging low carbon economy

E3 provides professional services to support companies as they respond to the emerging low-carbon economy.

We work with major corporations and have been operating in this space since 1998. Our engagements speak for themselves. See case studies.

Pragmatic innovating approach focusing on opportunities 

  • We are pragmatic, not ideological.
  • We believe there is a place for innovation and growth. 
  • We recognise that we need to get the basics right, and that getting it right can give you a competitive advantage. 
  • We focus on the opportunities as well as the risks. 
  • We advocate an incremental approach - that there are different shades of green. 
  • We understand that to make a good environmental case, you must make a good business case.
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We help diverse companies and stakeholder groups leverage knowledge and engage cooperatively to deliver meaningful results.